Our many services include but are not limited to the following:

Repairing | Recoring | Welding Services (Aluminum, Copper, Steel)
The Cooling Center can clean, boil out, repair, recore, redesign, modify, custom build, and weld all types of radiators, charge air coolers, oil coolers and other heat transfer parts.

Fuel Tanks | Hydraulic Tanks
We can clean and repair steel and aluminum diesel fuel tanks, gas tanks, and hydraulic tanks.

• Repair worn areas under straps
• Remove sludge, varnish, and debris from inside tank
• Repair damaged tanks
• Remove rust from inside of tanks
• Apply rust preventive lining to coat inside of tank

Generator Radiators
To eliminate down time and extra expenses The Cooling Center can send a tech on site to measure copper / brass bolt on cores and have cores built and scheduled to be recored on site. If necessary, our techs can prepare a drawing to manufacture a drop in replacement.

DPF / DOC Filter Service
DPF / DOC filters cleaned pneumatically and thermally as required.